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10 brain friendly habits for happiness and wellbeing

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We all want to form lasting habits that improve our health and wellbeing. So why does it feel so hard to break routines and establish new behaviours?

Our brains gear us for life-long learning and growth. We are constantly creating new connections and adapting to experience.

Yet we need focussed attention to create new neural connections and train our brain. The part of the brain that applies conscious thought to learn something new requires concerted and persistent effort. When we feel tired, stressed or inundated with complex decisions, our ability to try and keep healthy habits flags, despite best intentions.

To create a change that lasts we need some simple shortcuts to harness neuroplasticity—our brain’s capacity to adapt and learn.

This free eBook introduces you to some of the most brain-friendly habits you can apply to boost your happiness and wellbeing. These positive practices and routines are backed by neuroscience and designed to optimise your brain to make it easier for you to adopt them as habits so they become part of your everyday life. One of the best ways to optimise your brain and your wellbeing is to increase the duration and intensity of our ‘ups’ and reduce the duration and intensity of our ‘downs’. These practices are designed to help you do just that.

Whichever positive practice you decide to try – choose what appeals to you most.

Test healthy habits and activities on yourself and if they work, keep doing them!

Remember that changing the brain and reshaping habits takes time. Boosting your brain day-to-day with positive habits helps you move positively and productively toward your goals.

We hope you enjoy this free feast of reading and learning with content provided by our incredible Platinum Partner, The Langley Group. Please be sure to share!


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