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12 things to do for a happier you!

Written by on January 24, 2013 in eBooks

12ThingsEveryone wants to be happier. No mystery there. Precisely what that means though continues to be the subject of intense discussion and debate amongst religious figures, psychologists, scientists and philosophers.

There are squillions of things we can do when we’re feeling blue that are guaranteed to improve our mood. Moreover, some of these are just so simple.

But what are the hard facts when it comes to most effectively promoting and sustaining wellbeing? Leo Bormans is the author of the World Book Of Happiness, a fascinating compilation of brief essays by 100 of the most prominent experts in positive psychology working in 50 countries. Writing from their own areas of expertise, the contributors examine the principles of happiness and how to achieve it. Their expert recommendations amount to 12 things to do for a happier you …