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12 wise quotes to live by

Written by on May 29, 2013 in eBooks

12wise_300Who doesn’t own at least one book of quotations? Personally I own a bunch: The Art of Worldly Wisdom, A Guide for the Advanced Soul, 365 Buddha Daily Meditations and Wisdom For The New Millennium, just to name a few.

I keep some on my coffee table and some next to my bed, the idea being that when I need some inspiration, or cheering up, or to be reminded of what really matters in life, I can pick one up, turn randomly to any page, and there find a profound and poignant truth courtesy of some great and wise being.

No doubt most people hungry for insight and beauty feel the same way and it’s for this reason we have decided to make 12 wise quotes to live by the basis of this latest eBook. Here you’ll find not just quotes, which come from our conference speakers but some accompanying text as well, sourced from our Think & Be Happy blog that explains each quote’s meaning. Happy reading!


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