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7 ways to apply positive psychology

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Vi eBook-positive_250x200We all want to live happier, more engaging and meaningful lives.

The science of positive psychology contributes new insights and proven strategies to increase wellbeing in individuals, workplaces and communities.

Positive psychology has changed the course of mainstream psychology. After years classifying and repairing the worst of human experience, positive psychology emerged to build on the best. Spearheaded by Martin Seligman and MihalyCsikszentmihalyi in 1998, positive psychology focused attention on exploring and expanding what makes life worthwhile, productive and fulfilling, in all its complexity.

This rich and varied field now spans many areas, building on philosophies and practices from Aristotle to Maslow and providing new evidence to help us better understand why and how people flourish.

A meta-study by leading positive psychologists Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King and Ed Diener brought together over 200 studies conducted on 275,000 people worldwide. They found that happiness leads to success in nearly every life domain, from health and longevity to workplace performance, creativity and relationships.

This eBook introduces you to some of the most practical and research-backed ways to apply positive psychology to increase happiness, wellbeing and effectiveness – in your life, at work, at home and with the people you care for, help and lead.



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