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Befriending your demon of depression

Written by on August 28, 2013 in eBooks

DepressionDepression is the great demon of our time.

Sufferers describe the emotions of hopelessness, despair, extreme unhappiness, leaden inactivity, overwhelming negativity, self-loathing and unworthiness that are the hallmarks of that sombre and dismal demon we call depression.

But depression is no longer just the drama of personal despair.

It is a huge challenge to our society and its fabric. It is a threat to productivity and a major challenge for our medical system. It is a prime factor in the breakdown of relationships and families.

The more our culture promises us happiness, the sadder and unhappy we become.

While progress is unstoppable and non-negotiable, the demon of depression is ever present for more and more people.

Effective means to overcome depression other than medication and its inevitable side effects are desperately needed. This eBook offers some tips. We hope it is helpful.


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