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How big data is being leveraged in health and wellness

Written by on April 2, 2016 in Digital Health with 0 Comments

Edwards, Chris, Image 250x200Fifty nine per cent of health care professionals aren’t active in digital health activity or strategy despite the digital healthcare revolution being well underway, according to Validic Chief Marketing Officer Chris Edwards.

Speaking at the opening day of The Digital Health Show in Sydney yesterday, Mr Edwards said there was enormous potential for healthcare professionals to capitalise on the significant benefits associated with patients being more involved in the management of their own health and wellbeing.

“Starting small is ok,” he said. “Doing nothing is not a long term option, particularly in the face of pace and uptake of digital health technologies by patients and consumers.”

He said the future of health and technology lay in people using wearable health tracking devices and actively monitoring their own health.

Validic is a leading technology platform that provides access to digital health data from clinical and remote-monitoring devices, sensors, fitness equipment, wearables and patient wellness applications.

“Health wearables allow patients to feel more involved in and aware of their health, taking responsibility beyond doctor visits and illnesses to care for themselves and to monitor their own wellbeing,” he said.

“In the past, individual health data has only been generated by healthcare professionals, operating in hospitals and surgeries,” he said. “This has tended to only reflect a very limited part of an individual’s average lifetime.”

“Now, data can be collected (through wearable technologies) while patients go about their normal everyday activities. This data is giving healthcare professionals insight into a broader range of health care issues and illnesses,” he said.

Mr Edwards said treatment via apps or the Internet was the future of modern healthcare.

This article was blogged live onsite at The Digital Health Show by Francesca Lilly and Jenny Donnithorne from Mint Health.

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