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Our goal is to promote happiness and wellness.

We believe that there is no one single approach that suits all people at all times. That’s why we aim to stimulate dialogue between science, psychology and philosophy into the many and varied causes and conditions for human happiness. We do this with online resources, conferences and exhibitions.

Our events:


Happiness & Its Causes is the world’s leading conference on human happiness and wellbeing. Originally conceived in Australia, the event has been held in Europe, the United States and Asia, and regularly features world-leading psychologists, philosophers, scientists and educators.

The conference examines happiness and wellbeing in a cross-disciplinary way that attracts delegates from a spectrum of professional sectors such as health care, education, mental health and business and has been running for 10 years.



At our Mind & Its Potential conference delegates explore the latest science of neuroplasticity and discover how individuals, organisations and companies can do extraordinary things to improve wellbeing and productivity.



The Wellness Show is Australia’s largest showcase of innovative solutions for enhancing health and wellbeing.

Technology and innovation are providing a raft of new products and services that tap into consumer demand for health and happiness. What new products and services are developing that enhance physical fitness, health, nutrition, mental health and financial security? How is the ‘quantified self’ driving the growth of devices and applications to measure our health and wellbeing? Find out at The Wellness Show.



The Digital Health Show is a unique showcase of the technologies and innovations that are transforming our approach to health, the treatment of chronic disease and aged care. It is a forum where those involved in the whole health chain – clinical practice, hospitals, private practice, the aged care sector right through to the consumer – can explore the future of healthcare. It is a marketplace where thousands of conference delegates and exhibition visitors can sample the technologies and services that are impacting healthcare, aged care and how we staying fit and healthy.

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The World Happiness Forum promotes dialogue on tools and techniques for human happiness and wellbeing. How can happiness be increased? How can it be sustained? What are the qualities of a happy and meaningful life?



The World Happiness Forum organises the Day of Happiness in Australia, coinciding with the United Nations International Day of Happiness