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Hardwired humans – successful leadership using human instincts by Andrew O’Keeffe

Written by on September 11, 2014 in Speaker Papers

VI-speaker-papers-landscape1213Our natural behaviours—behaviours that come as part of being human—have significant implications for our workplace experiences.

There’s a suite of behaviours that come with being born human. From the long journey of human history we have only recently popped up in offices and factories. We are designed for a different habitat than that in which we now find ourselves.

The two great benefits of knowing about instincts is that first, we can better make sense of why we humans behave the way we do at work so that second, we can make more informed choices. Download Andrew O’Keeffe’s speaker paper now for further insights.

Andrew O’Keeffe, Director of Hardwired Humans (www.hardwiredhumans.com) presented this paper at Happiness & Its Causes 2012.

He assists business leaders make create organisations aligned to the basic instincts of our species. Andrew is author of Hardwired Humans and The Boss. Andrew has extensive experience as a senior HR executive with IBM, Optus, Sinclair Knight Merz and Hewitt Associates. In 2011 and 2008 Andrew teamed with chimp expert Dr Jane Goodall to present to business audiences around Australia. They spoke about the implications of our social instincts to leadership; Dr Goodall speaking about chimpanzees and Andrew speaking about humans.