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A memoir of stroke, love and recovery by Doris Brett

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H+W-speaker paper covers-landscape2Doris Brett is a clinical psychologist, writer and psychotherapist who has worked with hypnosis for four decades. Her critically acclaimed books have been published in Europe and America as well as Australia and have ranged across a number of genres. Her poetry has won many of the country’s major literary awards. Her latest memoir The Twelfth Raven tells the story of her husband’s recovery from a major stroke which rendered him unable to speak or write. Brett was able to access and apply the latest research on brain plasticity and neurotherapy and her husband confounded his doctors by making an exceptional recovery. Doris lives in Melbourne with her husband and is so altruistic that she keeps her house permanently messy in order that any visiting friends may immediately feel relaxed and virtuous as they compare their houses to hers.

We hope you enjoy her paper from Mind & Its Potential 2014.



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