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Memorisation – an ancient art for modern classrooms by Daniel Kilov

Written by on April 7, 2014 in Speaker Papers

memorisation-paperCan you name the year in which the first fleet landed at Sydney Cove? Do you know the year the City of Melbourne was founded? If not, you aren’t alone. Memorisation doesn’t feature much in modern classrooms. Schools today deemphasize the learning of facts, most of which are forgotten by students almost as soon as they have been successfully tested on them, in favour of developing the capacity for critical analysis and the capacity to mine external records of information such as books and the internet instead. But … teaching students memory techniques would open up new vistas of learning to them (imagine being able to learn a new language in weeks instead of years!) and transform their relationship to learning. Given how little it would cost to do so, the case is strong for bringing these techniques back into the classroom. The techniques of the art of memory represent a potential revolution in education! Daniel Kilov presented this paper at Mind & Its Potential 2013. Daniel is a memory athlete who uses the techniques of memory sports to help people learn all things they ever wanted, but never thought they could. Having struggled with organisational skills as a symptom of his poor memory all through high school, Daniel sought out methods to improve his memory. It was then that he discovered the “Art of Memory”, a loosely associated group of mnemonic principles and techniques used to organise memory impressions, improve recall, and assist in the combination and ‘invention’ of ideas. He was the silver medalist at the 2011 and 2012 memory championships and holds a national record for memorizing abstract shapes. Daniel now espouses the value of memory techniques as a potential revolution in education.”