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Remarkable speakers – Happiness & Its Causes 2015

Written by on May 4, 2015 in eBooks with 0 Comments

Remarkable speakersNext month is our 10th Happiness & Its Causes conference, and as always it will explore in the most thought provoking and inspiring way possible how to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Of course, our wonderful program wouldn’t be possible without the expertise of the many local and international speakers invited to present sessions and workshops about the amazing work being done here in Australia and overseas in the fields of psychology, science, education, business, religion, the arts and more.

And because those who present at our events are such extraordinary individuals in terms of the information they share, it seems a big waste not to communicate their message elsewhere if we can, most notably on our Happy + Well blog. Here we often feature articles that upcoming speakers have contributed, as well as those we’ve written ourselves based on interviews or talks they’ve given.

In this, our latest eBook offering to you, we bring you a compilation of such articles introducing you to the work and ideas of 14 remarkable speakers you’ll be hearing from at our upcoming event. If you haven’t registered yet, guaranteed after reading this, you’ll be seriously tempted!




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