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From sharing to caring

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“Why do we steal our kids’ questions?” Dan Haesler says.

He wonders why parents shut their kids up when they ask questions about cultural diversity. But is blind acceptance the right approach? Perhaps this is why we end up with people like Attorney-General George Brandis saying that people have a right to be bigots, and our Prime Minister Tony Abbott reducing the oldest culture on Earth to a ‘lifestyle choice.’

Dan wanted to know how we could use social media to increase learning. He was particularly interested in Australia’s first educators – Indigenous Australians.

“The majority of kids in school in Australia learn about Indigenous culture from a white person, who learned it from a white person,” Dan says. He started thinking about how to directly share the knowledge and cultural heritage of Indigenous Australians via platforms like Soundcloud, Instagram and YouTube.

Dan networked children in Australian schools with children in Nepal via sharing videos on Twitter to increase learning about the effect of the earthquake on people in Nepal. Kids are often told to be concerned about other people, he says, but it’s even more effective to make that direct connection.


Dan Haesler is an engaging educator, writer and consultant. This is summary of his presentation at Happiness & Its Causes 2015.

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