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Stories to inspire

Written by on April 23, 2013 in eBooks

ThumbSotiresPeople’s personal stories are endlessly fascinating. And I’m not just talking about the personal stories of famous folk whose details fill our celebrity, women’s and lifestyle magazines. Everyone’s life narrative is a mine of rich and truly cinematic material; even the most seemingly boring of individuals have a tale to tell provided you take the time and have the interest to dig a little. Which is why we love to invite speakers to our conferences who are willing to share with us a slice from their own lives, and the more inspiring the better. Because we’ve all experienced trials and tribulations: with sick parents, creative challenges, the death of loved ones and less than ideal upbringings. Plus we can all relate to general existential angst and career struggles. So it’s heartening to be reminded that everyone’s pretty much in the same boat as far as these things are concerned, even the talented, rich and famous. Also, that the very darkest of clouds often have a silver lining. We hope these 10 personal stories uplift you!