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How wearable tech is changing healthcare

Written by on April 2, 2016 in Digital Health with 0 Comments

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Wearable technology devices can help us move more efficiently with less wear and tear on the muscles and joints we use every day, according to dorsaVi founder Dr Andrew Ronchi.


Speaking on the opening day of The Digital Health Show in Sydney yesterday (1 April 2016), Dr Ronchi said technology had made a tremendous impact on the future of human health and the way people moved.


dorsaVi’s wearable sensor technology measures human movement and provides objective, easy to interpret data that can be turned into measurable results. The Melbourne-based company combines data with high definition video to pinpoint risk areas of repetitive movement that can lead to injuries.


Dr Ronchi said some senor technology was so sophisticated that it could record every step, bend, twist, and turn, and instantly report back when and where poor movement placed an individual at risk.


“People love their own (personal health) data and want more information about their health metrics,” he said. “So the ability to monitor people in their own environment – whether at home, work or while playing sport – is a great asset.”


He said wearable sensors were part of an “empowered self” movement. “Consumers have a seemingly insatiable appetite to understand more about their bodies at rest and play.”


“When we can record, map and exactly monitor movement, we can significantly impact the rate of injuries, ensure safe recovery, and maintain an optimal level of health.”


dorsaVi technology is currently being used in the workplace, clinical and sporting settings.


Dr Ronchi conducted a live demonstration of the wearable sensor technology to delegates at the conference.


This article was blogged live onsite at The Digital Health Show by Alex Lilly and Jenny Donnithorne from Mint Health.








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