In their words: Andrew Ronchi & Wearable tech: from novelty gimmick to an important health and safety tool - Happy + Well : Happy + Well

In their words: Andrew Ronchi & Wearable tech: from novelty gimmick to an important health and safety tool

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imagesThere’s more to wearable tech than just fancy glasses that surf the web, watches that read your texts, and bracelets that count your steps. Now, there’s a new generation of wearable sensors that don’t just tell you how far or fast you went, but more importantly, how well you moved.

Injuries start somewhere. Sometimes it’s unavoidable: A bad hit in a contact sport, or an accidental slip or fall. But often the root cause of an injury is poor reduced balance or asymmetrical loading. Some sensor technology is now so sophisticated that it can record every step, bend, twist, and turn and instantly report back where poor movement is placing you at risk of injury.

Whether we are at work or play, these wearable technology devices can now assist in helping us move more efficiently with less wear and tear on the muscles and joints that we rely on every day. It’s often accepted that technology has made life simpler and people more connected, but it can also have a tremendous impact on the future of human health and the way we move.

At dorsaVi, we want to change how the world moves. Our new technology measures human movement like never before to give companies, clinics and athletes objective, easy-to-interpret data that can be turned into measurable results. We combine that data with high definition video to pinpoint risk areas of repetitive movement that can lead to injuries. We’ve spent more than a decade and millions of dollars developing a range of solutions that we believe can have tremendous impact on keeping people safe.

Our ViSafe product is being used to reduce the incidence of workplace injury and helps workers move more efficiently and safely every day. If we can drive down workplace risk, we can reduce the number of workdays that employees miss due to injury. That helps protect family incomes, boost employee recruitment and retention, enhance company morale, and improve an employer’s bottom line.

ViSafe is now being used to reduce risk and improve the safety culture in a number of high profile, large organisations such as US engine and heavy-duty machinery manufacturer, Caterpillar. When Transport for London needed to replace its fleet of emergency response vehicles, they turned to our technology. ViSafe was used to evaluate new design elements and to ensure that these investments would help protect employees from manual handling risks.

Crown Resorts in Australia also recognised the huge potential of the device in reducing risk in its workforce, and is now into its fourth contract with dorsaVi, positioning Crown as a global leader in workplace safety.

We have also seen similar benefits in the clinical sector, with our ViMove product being used to manage interventions and guide recovery in low back injuries. When used in combination with synced high definition video, clinicians can access objective real-time data for fast and accurate assessment of patients. A recent clinical trial has shown that modifying your movement patterns based on biometric feedback reduces lower back pain in eight months, and maintains these results 12 months later.

Additionally, sporting clubs across the globe are also realising the benefits of integrating our ViPerform product into team workouts and injury recovery protocols NBA teams like the Golden State Warriors, LA Lakers, and Houston Rockets along with NFL teams like New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns, are using ViPerform to not only reduce the rate of injury and improve recovery but also to improve and refine players’ performance.

Wearable sensors are part of an ‘empowered self’ movement. Consumers have a seemingly insatiable appetite to understand more about their bodies at rest and play. This next generation of wearable technology, like the sensors from dorsaVi, have the power to help change how we all move. When we can record, map and exactly monitor movement, we can significantly impact the rate of injuries, ensure safe recovery, and maintain an optimal level of health.


Andrew Ronchi is the brainchild, founder and CEO behind Melbourne-based technology company dorsaVi. He is presenting a session at the Digital Health Show conference, part of the Digital Health Show co-located with the Wellness Show and Happiness & Its Causes 2016.

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